Meet the Team

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DOUG Team leader

Name:Doug Mulford

Trail Name: “BEAR”

Experience: Doug has already hiked thousands of miles on the A.T. He is a graduate from the National Outdoor Leadership School, and has a Certification in Wilderness Medicine.

Likes: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Cheesy 80’s movies, Drums, New Gear.

Dislikes: The noise the paper makes when it comes out of the fortune cookie.

Reason for Hiking:“I feel pretty lucky to have been given what I have in my life.  This is the best way that I can think of to give something back. I wanted to find a way to give to a charity and get people excited about being outside. I hope that people who follow our adventure are inspired to have an adventure of their own! Keep walkin!”

STEPH The Muscle


Name: Stephanie Regan

TrailName: “Lady Aqua”

Experience: Steph has had a great deal of experience outside. Following her passion for sea kayaking she has been on expeditions off the Maine shoreline and the coast of Ireland.

Likes: “Water Skiing, hangin’ with the family, Johnny Depp, and Dancing when I think nobody is watching!”

Dislikes: Mornings without coffee.

Reason For Hiking: To have an amazing adventure!

AARON The Fixer

Name: Aaron Hurtubise
Trailname: “Droid”

Experience: Aaron has completed 22 of the 48 four thousand plus foot mountains in The White Mountains. He also hikes an average of around 200 miles a year on various camping trips.

Likes: Fresh Air, BBQ and Beer with friends, An honest days work, Natalie Portman, and of course backpacking.

Dislikes: Cars that have climbed Mt. Washington, Johnny Depp.

Reason For Hiking: George Mallory said it best…  “Because it’s there.”


ALEX the Brains

Name: Alex Bigler

Trail Name: To be announced

Experience: Alex is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, climbing and testing gear. She is published in the field of Rural Georgaphy, and currently works at the outfitter “Trailblazer.”

Likes: Silly Putty, The Beatles, Ice Cream, Shiny Things, Witty Banter, Hula Hooping, Snarkiness, Apple Sauce, and Meaningful Pursuits.

Dislikes: People that don’t appreciate the difference between There, Their, and They’re.

Reason for Hiking: To raise awareness for the Hole in the Wall Gang, encourage interest in the outdoors, and to have an adventure!

KIM REGAN: Re-Supply Coordinator

Name: Kim Regan

Trail Name: To be announced

Experience: Coastal Kayaking instructor, Avid Hiker, and full time Mom!

Likes: Being outside, swimming, being on the water, good food and winetime!

Dislikes: People that just STAND on the escalator… Really?

Reason for Participating: Because I’m the mom.




  1. Wow! You are doing amazing things here!! I will stay tuned in!!

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